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Photographing Arizona Wine Country for Phoenix Magazine

Awake long before dawn I arrived in Cornville, Arizona at the Javelina Leap vineyard & winery as crews of volunteers filled the long rows of grapes. Harvesting the fruit that would become Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon to name a few. Many vineyards line the valley on Page Springs Road. It is a beautiful drive along Oak Creek as you are surrounded by mountains and desert. I am a fan of Arizona wines and have visited the vineyards in Elgin and Sonoita but it was my first time Cornville, a place I only recognized as an exit on the way north to Sedona. Phoenix Magazine allowed me the freedom to photograph the scene as I saw it. A subtle sunrise on a cloudy morning, gorgeous plump grapes and people passionately working hard. There is an immense amount of care that goes into the growing each grape and creating the delicious final product. Please read more about wines made in Arizona in the September 2014 issue of Phoenix Magazine.

Winemaker Cynthia Snapp.

Phoenix Magazine- Birth in Arizona

Photographing this feature for Phoenix Magazine I got to be around a bunch of beautiful pregnant bellies and the dedicated healthcare providers that care for both mom and baby. Arizona has above average birth rates so this magazine piece looks at the different options are that are available out there for expectant mothers, from home births to a traditional hospital stay. My favorite shoot for this story was with Amy. I photographed Amy’s maternity portraits about 10 days before she gave birth to her daughter. After the baby was born I did a second portrait shoot only this time with her newborn. The result published in Phoenix Magazine was as if Amy was looking into a future mirror. I wish I had done something similar when I was pregnant with my son.

Read the article by clicking here.

Food photography for Phoenix Magazine

When asked about photographing a handful of restaurants for Phoenix Magazine’s “AZ’s 50 Best Restaurants” January 2014 issue I jumped at the chance. The photo shoot involved a road trip to Sedona and Flagstaff where I got a first hand look at a whole lot of delicious food and met the talented chefs behind the dishes. I now know exactly where I want to eat next time I am in northern Arizona.

Restaurants featured:
Coppa Cafe
L’Auberge Restaurant
Elote Cafe
Cottage Place

Urban Farming in PHOENIX Magazine

I am always thrilled when I have the opportunity to shoot for PHOENIX Magazine. They do wonderful work and share interesting stories about our community. Photographing along side writer Wynter Holden we covered people involved in the urban gardening community around Phoenix- “Seeds in the City”.

I love the idea of edible backyard landscapes and I feel inspired to start one of my own after seeing all the possibilities. One of my favorite quotes from the story came from Kenny Barrett with Truck Farm Phoenix. He said “I didn’t know what a Brussels sprout plant looked like, and that bothered me.” I never really thought about that but on the first shoot I did for this project at the International Rescue Committee’s New Roots program I saw broccoli growing for the first time. What a simple idea- knowing what food looks like and where it comes from. I also learned about chickens while visiting Holly and Eric Figueroa and photographing their backyard chicken coop. I had no idea how beautiful and colorful eggs can be.

My first stop on my goal to gardening will definitely be Root Phoenix. I photographed The Urban Farm founder Greg Peterson early one morning at his latest project Root Phoenix, a community organization offering gardening classes among other things. His passion for growing the food you eat is contagious. Before I started this project I was talking with the photography editor at PHOENIX Magazine, who gardens himself, and he talked about how much fun his young children have in their garden and how they love to eat lettuce. As a mother to a toddler who now refuses to eat anything green that alone makes me want to get started already.

Pick up a copy of the May 2013 issue on newsstands now.

PHOENIX Magazine
International Rescue Committee
Root Phoenix
Truck Farm Phoenix
Holly and Eric’s Urban Farm

Root Phoenix

Greg Peterson

International Rescue Committee’s New Roots

Truck Farm Phoenix

Phoenix Magazine- All Rise Some Fall

Freelance writer Amanda Crawford and I recently worked on a story about Maricopa County’s drug court for Phoenix Magazine. Drug court participants have been convicted of a felony (either a non-violent or drug crime) their prison sentence is suspended and drug court is part of their probation. Participants are subject to random drug testing, required to attend group counseling, join a support group, meet with their probation officer, perform community service, keep up with all related fees and find a job/ go to school. For more information and to read the 14 page spread pick up a copy of Phoenix Magazine’s April 2011 issue and check out Amanda’s blog post about drug court.