Scouting portrait locations for weddings and engagements

Finding those perfect spots for pictures is part of the fun and challenge of wedding and portrait photography. Unless a couple has a specific idea of where they want their engagement pictures taken they often look to me for ideas. I have an ongoing list of new locations I want to try out as well as an archive of places I love to shoot. Every couple is different and I want the location to speak to them whether that means colorful pictures at the state fair, a rustic desert landscape or something more personal like the bookstore where they met.

Choosing a location for portraits on the day of the wedding is a little bit different because generally there is a time constraint and multiple family members to coordinate with. The best thing your photographer can do is scout the location for the portraits ahead of time. This will eliminate wasting time trying to figure out a good backdrop for the family and bridal portraits on the day of the wedding. I like to pick one or two spots for the family and bridal party pictures and a handful of locations for the the portraits of the bride and groom. Sometime a beautiful stone wall is all you need as a background. It is also always helpful to know when the sun will set and where the perfect vantage point is to capture it at any wedding venue.

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